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Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces

Tired of wearing a wrist brace that doesn't work? Wrist braces have been proven to actually make the symptoms worse if worn for too long!
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If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and have not made any progress using wrist braces or splints, then it is time to take a different treatment approach.

In most cases, carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by overuse of the muscles that close the hands (flexor / adductor groups) and underutilization of the muscles that open the hand (extensor / abductor groups).

When one muscle group is overused, it tends to become stronger, tighter and shorter than its opposing group or antagonist. Any muscle group that overpowers its opposition is designated as a "muscle imbalance", which results in the stronger, tighter muscle group to displace the normal position the involved joint(s). Is the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is the carpal and metacarpal bones that are displaced, causing hte3m to collapse into the carpal tunnel and impinge the flexor tendons and median nerve that are within the "tunnel".

To simply and effectively eliminate the symptoms, the muscle imbalance must be eliminated via various stretches to lengthen the short, tight flexor / adductor groups, and via a variety of exercises to increase the strength of the opposing extensor / abductor groups in order to counteract the stronger action of the overused flexor / adductor muscles. Once the imbalance is addressed, the compression of the median nerve and flexor tendons is eliminated and the symptoms of carpal tunnel disappear.

The simple and effective solution to eliminating the need for wrist braces is through the use of FLEXTEND to correct the existing muscle imbalance. In as little as 2-weeks, you can be symptom-free.

- Achieve Results or Your Money Back - 100% Guaranteed!
- Eliminate Painful Symptoms & Increase Strength!
- Affordable and Easy to Use - Takes Only Minutes Per Day!
- So Effective, You Can Keep Doing the Things You want!



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