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General Safety Precautions
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Exercise Tips (Exercise speed, rest time, etc.)
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Product Assemby
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Changing Resistance Levels & Settings
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  1. Always consult your Physician before starting any type of exercise program. Bring FLEXTEND® and Instruction Manual/Exercise Therapy Guide with you to assist the Physician / Therapist in recommending the correct exercise program for your condition.

  2. Carefully review the online instruction manual before using this product. FLEXTEND® is for use by adults who have read / viewed the instruction manual and understand how to use the FLEXTEND® System properly. For questions, Click Here

  3. The exercise programs should be followed as described in the manual unless something different is recommended by your Physician or Therapist. To view all of the exercise programs in the online manual: Click Here

  4. If you have pain WHILE PERFORMING your exercises, stop immediately and be sure to review the exercise to be sure you are performing it correctly. If you have questions, contact BSI.
    NOTE: For the first 7-14 days, some residual soreness of the extensor muscles may occur due to the lack of direct stimulation during every day activities. This is a normal occurrence, and not to be mistaken for the pain caused by your injury.  Residual soreness will disappear as you increase the strength of the extensor/abductor muscles groups.

  5. DISCLAIMER: The FLEXTEND® system/programs are used to exercise the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and elbows and are not intended as a cure.

  6. All FLEXTEND® come pre-assembled with one Blue Resistance Band on each side. If further resistance is necessary,Click Here.


Product Care:
• FLEXTEND / RESTORE is NOT machine washable! Hand wash using a warm, damp cloth or leather cleaner.

Parts and Accessories:
• 1 - Double-sided Glove
• 1 - Arm Strap
• 4 - Resistance Bands - 2 blue (short), 2 yellow (long – Use with arm strap)
• 4 - Resistance Band Clasps
• 1 - Instruction Chart

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