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Customer Service Center
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Stuart Sprung - NASCAR

"Hours of forearm exercises in the gym cannot compare to the increase in grip strength I have gained. Even with minimal usage every few days, I have noticed a big difference."

With MORE THAN 20 ONLINE EXERCISE PROGRAMS, the NEW RESTORE™ is the MOST successful exercise system for chronic conditions as well as those looking to enhance their strength and performance!

  • Golfer's
  • Tennis Players
  • Power-lifters
  • MMA Practitioners
  • Military Personnel
  • Musicians
  • Physicians
  • And anyone else wanting to increase the health, well-being and performance of their hands!

Add the AC-KIT™ to the Brand New RESTORE™ Universal Training system to enhance arm, shoulder and complete upper-body strength and endurance:

  • Rotator Cuff
  • Biceps & Triceps!
  • Chest & Back
  • EVERY exercise you perform is GRIP-FREE! No More holding onto weights, cables, resistance bands or anything!

"I found FLEXTEND® to be "LIKE MAGIC" - just a few days of exercises and my wrist pain was gone, and stayed gone for weeks!" ~ Dr. Don Ashley, M.D.


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