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The #1 Solution for Your Condition(s)

Have you been diagnosed with one of the conditions listed below and followed your doctors recommendations but are still suffering with pain, loss of hand and arm strength and the inability to do do all the things before your condition?

Then this is your chance to finally eliminate the symptoms associated with your RSI and get back to doing the things you used to do, but WITH enhanced grip-strength and no more pain! FLEXTEND®-RESTORE™ is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Why haven't you heard of FLEXTEND®-RESTORE™? It's plain and simple - your doctor, therapist and surgeon make more money if you DON'T use it!

1) Click On the Condition You Are Interested In.
2) Order the Recommended Product(s) Shown
3) Click on the"FLEXTEND MANUALS" Button Below
4) Follow the Recommended Exercise Program
5) Get Ready to Experience Complete Relief!
CLICK on the Instruction Manual Button!
Follow Exercise Program Designed Specifically for Your Condition!  

Product Catalog

Professional MMA Fighter, Dennis Asche:
"Using FLEXTEND® has helped push the strength in my hands to a new level and has built up the tendon strength I need to prevent injury during training.

For grappling, grip strength is essential, and from using FLEXTEND®, my hands grip tighter and I can hold on longer - this is a winning edge in competition."

“There is no other device on the market, besides FLEXTEND, which properly addresses this serious musculoskeletal disorder (CTS/RSI).”

Dr. John Medeiros, PT., Ph.D.
(Dr. Medeiros is the manuscript reviewer for The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy and is editor of The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy)

“For patients with CTS and other Repetitive Strain Injuries, my success rate using FLEXTEND is nearly 100%.”

Dr. Linda Harries

“We are amazed with the immediate, and long lasting results our patients experience while using FLEXTEND!”

Blue Mountain Valley PT

“I find the product is excellent at preventing re-injury because it improves strength and muscle endurance, coupled with joint flexibility and stability which improves overall function and performance, thus enhances playing skills.”

Dr. Preston Wakefield (Dr. Wakefield specializes in the Treatment of Professional Musicians and Athletes.)

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